Competition rounds and programme

The ONE® Young Artist Oboe Competition takes place in 4 rounds.

Round 1


The 1st (preliminary) round requires submitting an unedited live recording of the following musical works:


1. Georg Philipp Telemann – 1 piece to be chosen out of:
–  Fantasia n°2 in A minor,
–  Fantasia n°6 in D minor,
–  Fantasia n°8 in E minor.

2. Camille Saint-Saëns
–  Sonata for oboe and piano, Op.166 – 2nd movement- Ad libitum – Allegretto – Ad libitum

3. Heinz Holliger
Sonata for Oboe solo – 1st movement – Präludium

This recording and the requested registration documents must be addressed before 30 June 2016. The applicants who have been selected as competitors will be notified by 18 July 2016. All applicants will be informed of selection or rejection via email. The waiting-list will be closed on 15 August 2016.


Round 2


The 30 competitors that are selected for this round will be auditioned on the pieces presented on their unedited video recording but for this round the COMPLETE Heinz Holliger Sonata is required.

For the whole European area, this second round will take place in Amiens (France), Jena (Germany), Katowice (Poland), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Žilina (Slovakia) and Zlín (Czech Republic) between 3 October and 8 October or between 31 October and 10 November 2016.

At the end of round 2, 8 selected candidates will be invited to attend round 3.


Round 3 – Semi final


This third round will take place in Ljubljana (Slovenia) at the Conservatory of music and ballet on 26 November 2016. The candidates will have to perform one of the obligatory pieces for Oboe and Orchestra announced on this website. This round will be with piano accompaniment.


1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Concerto in C-major, KV 314,

2. Ludwig August Lebrun – Concerto n°1 in D minor,

3. Johannes Wenzeslaus Kalliwoda – Concertino Op. 110.

The 4 competitors selected at the end of the semi-final will take part in the final.


Round 4 – Final


For the final round the 4 selected candidates will be asked to present one of the set concertos with RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gordon Hunt.

This round will be a public event with radio and internet broadcast.